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Over 20 years in the industry designing, installing and managing electrical works from minor repairs to major installations has enabled me to build a wide and varied wealth of knowledge and expertise and the ability to carry out all types of electrical works.  Here are some examples of the types of services I can offer.  If you need an electrician please feel free to contact me for any works you may be considering, whether or not it is listed here.


Dom Comm

Whatever your domestic electrical needs; maintenance, additions, fault repairs or new build, I can help.


  • Need a socket where there isn't one? Or perhaps you are building an extension or your brand new dream home?


  • Has your electric shower stopped working, or maybe your outside lights keep tripping out?


  • Looking for someone to install good quality, energy efficient LED lighting?


  • Perhaps you are looking to rent out a property and need an electrical test to show the electrics are safe.


   For these and any other domestic electrical needs, please contact

   me for help and an estimate.

I am experienced at designing and installing electrical systems in a vast range of commercial situations, be it a shop, office, restaurant, hair dressers or food production facility.


That experience includes:


  • display lighting

  • power distribution

  • automated lighting dimming controls

  • control systems

  • emergency lighting installations


   and much more besides


For these and any other commercial electrical needs, please contact me for help and an estimate.


My Energy Efficiency and Testing capabilities are the most commonly called upon services by the Leisure industry, but I have carried out a wide variety of works over the years, here are a just few examples:


  • Village hall electrical maintenance and Condition Reporting

  • Hotel reception lighting refresh schemes

  • Energy saving control and monitoring measures

  • Additional caravan hookups/annual testing

  • Sports club emergency lighting testing programme

  • Forest School woodland play area lighting

  • Swimming pool lighting scheme

  • Sports changing room refurbishment

  • B&B PAT testing


For these and any other leisure electrical needs, please contact me for help and an estimate.

Energy efficiency is a hot topic and rightly so.  Aside from all playing our part in reducing pollution and waste, with the cost of electricity rising, most of us are keen to find ways to keep the bills down.


Whatever your property, domestic or commercial, I can offer products and solutions to assist with reducing and monitoring your electricity consumption:


  • Quality LED lighting (domestic & commercial)

  • Lighting contols (timer/dimming/movement)

  • Metering and usage monitoring systems

  • Energy efficient storage heaters and electric radiators

  • Heating controls


For these and any other energy efficiency electrical needs, please contact me for help and an estimate.

Energy Efficiency

Having spent my life living in areas with a large Agricultural presence I understand the huge reliance on the electrical installations as well as the strains that can be placed on them.


Whatever your requirements;


  • a new 3-phase supply for a corn dryer

  • your ventilation to the chicken shed has broken down

  • the milking parlour electrics keep tripping out

  • you are putting up a new barn and need it lighting

  • you need an electrical test to satisfy your insurers


I have the experience and capability to help you.


You may also be interested in my Energy Efficiency and testing services.


For these and any other agricultural electrical needs, please contact me for help and an estimate.


Whether you are a landlord (domestic or business), run a business, hotel, pub, club or village hall ensuring your electrical installation is in a satisfactory condition is very important and the Health & Safety at Work Act requires you to prove you are doing so.  Most mortgage companies also require the electrics to your home to be checked.


I can take care of all you testing needs, offering:


  • Fixed Wiring Condition Reports

  • Electrical tests for mortgage/insurance purposes

  • Landlord's electrical installation condition reports

  • Electrical tests for Public Entertainment's Licence

  • Emergency lighting periodic inspection & testing

  • PAT testing


Landlord's may find this guide very helpful in understanding their responsibilities.


For these and any other electrical testing needs, please contact me for help and an estimate.

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